Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kylee loves UVRM

Sunday during sacrament Kylee kept complaining about her stomach hurting so much so that I decided we should go home. Once home, she began what is a pretty common thing her her...puking her guts out! Poor thing spent more time hugging that toilet all that day and into the night than ever. Remembering our September visit to the hospital I feared we would find ourselves there soon if we didn't get her into the doc asap.

Monday we got in rather late in the afternoon and to our surprise, the doctor referred us to Utah Valley Regional to get a CT scan and to talk with a pediatric surgeon. I met him and he was waiting for Kylee's results from the scan. The moment I saw his face I knew that things were serious. He gave me the run down that no matter what the scan revealed she would need to be admitted because once again her sodium levels were so low that she would need an IV to get back to normal. Shortly after I arrived they took us up to her room in the pediatric unit where we waited for the results.

I can't express enough the anxiety. Why did they want a CT scan? We didn't know. The doctor expressed the seriousness of what he thought it was, but never shared that information with us. The nurses also seemed anxious and kept wishing us good luck. For what?! The not knowing and waiting is pure torture. So many thoughts go throw your mind. You naturally think the worse. It felt like forever before the Doctor came in and told us that it was her appendix and that we should be happy it was that versus what he thought it was. At that moment I was grateful NOT to know what he thought it was.

Because her sodium levels were so low it was very risky to do the procedure immediately. Apparently, they can go into cardiac arrest with levels as low as she was during that period so we had to wait for 3 hours before it could be done. I was worried that her appendix would burst during the wait, but I'll take it over cardiac arrest.

I was so sad and scared to leave her after they gave her the anesthesia, but she was super brave. The surgery itself went super well. It was laparoscopic so not too invasive. We spent the next 2 days in the hospital and had so many friends and family come visit and help with Aubrey. Thanks to the Pricketts, Lewis' and Bills for all your help with Aubrey and to everyone for the prayers. And a GIANT thanks to Mom for coming to visit and help. There is just something secure about your mom being there during a stressful time. Love ya Mom!

Let's hope this is our last visit to the UVRMC this year. I have given them enough of my hard earned money for one year!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday Kylee!

October to December is a busy time with work so I always feel bad that it falls that I am on a business trip for Kylee's birthday. Regardless I feel like I make up for it in the end, but there is a part of me that feels like I am sacrificing the things that matter most, for the things that matter only a little.

It's hard to believe that Kylee is in the double digits. She is growing into such a sweet tweener. Every now and then we see glimpses of mood swings and surliness and it is terrifying. I realize that puberty and all the ups and downs are right around the corner, but I also appreciate being able to have conversations and share thoughts with a "young woman". She is certainly something. I can't wait to see what she wants to do with her life.

At 10 years Kylee...

  • Loves to draw
  • Hates to clean her room
  • Enjoys writing stories
  • Is inching her way to Grandma Joan status with the amount of notebooks she owns
  • Loves to cook and appreciates good food
  • Found that riding her bike is actually fun
  • Needs a to wear a bra full-time now ;)
This year has been a rough one in school with friends and such. There have been many tears shed over girl drama. However, I am proud of Kylee for seeing her worth despite the bullying. I think she has really learned the power of prayer, forgiveness and the fact that her Heavenly Father loves her. As hard as it was to wipe the tears and see the pain, I am proud of who she will be after this trial is over for her. She is truly going to be an amazing young woman.

Happy 10th Birthday my baby girl. I sure love ya.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

With a larger house, entertaining is one big advantage! We finally have the room to have people over comfortably and it has to be my favorite part of having more space. In October we had a Halloween party with a few of our friends. We had so much fun. Games, food and lots of laughs!

I think my all time favorite was showing Kylee and Camryn the Thriller music video which encouraged some spontaneous dancing from kids and adults alike.

We played pin the head on Jack the pumpkin King, made a little pumpkin craft, played pumpkin bowling and creepy musical chairs. It was so much fun! I think we should make it a tradition.

Trick or Treating is so much fun! Kylee was a "Swamp Princess" and Aubie was a troll. Her little full size nude leotard kills me!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Family Pictures

Our good friend Tiffany Bills was kind enough to take our family pictures this year. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, she is also amazingly talented. I really want to hate her for that, but she just makes it so hard.

We went to a backyard garden in Lindon and Tiff made us look amazing. Aubrey was a total PILL the whole time, but Tiff can work some real magic. Looking at these you would never guess she was so awful, but let me document the fact that she truly was.

Thanks so much Tiff, we love them all. You are truly amazing :)!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Misc

Fall is my favorite time of year! With the odd weather we have had it seemed to have been pushed back. Fall this year started in early October, but I still looked forward to it and it did NOT disappoint!

We made the most of the lovely fall weather! Here is all the fun we had...

Wasatch Fall Festival 
Every year Ky's school throws a big carnival with games and food and prizes. This year it was super, duper rainy but Wasatch is hard core so they moved everything inside and we still had a grand ole time. Plus they spray paint your hair pink and Aubie LOVED that!

Paul Turns 34!
Paul just keeps getting older so every year we have to celebrate his birthday ;). This year I sent him on a scavenger hunt around the house to finds his clues/gifts. I was feeling very Dr. Seuss when I was planning the clues. He came home from his morning run and the game was ON! We hid his presents in his shoe, in the kitchen and outside. He was super surprised and actually struggled to find is $100 bill! Happy birthday my love. The older you become the sexier you are!

 Clue#1 lead him to a pair of shoes. The gift was smartwool running socks.

Clue#2 lead to the blendtec where we gave him a big bag of vanilla protein powder (which is what he asked for ok so don't think I am lame).

Clue #3 lead him to the Ute football on the side of the house (he needed a few hints to find it) ha ha. Inside was $100 smackers!

Happy Birthday love! You are the winning-est winner of all in my book :)

My most favorite fall tradition is riding the lift at Sundance to enjoy the leaves. It just makes me so happy and feels so relaxing. It is Ky's most un-favorite thing so this year Paul and Aubrey met me for lunch and the 3 of us rode it together and had lunch there. It was beautiful and so, so much fun.

 Pumpkin Patch
 Who doesn't love a good pumpkin patch? We met Rob, Kerri and gang at a patch in Payson. We took a hayride, picked our punkins and headed home for some yummy dessert. 

 We made Aubs carry her own pumpkin. She's loving it. haha

This pic is blurry-ish, but I just love it!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ky Visits UVRM

Friday night following the Fall Festival Kylee got super sick. She literally threw up the entire weekend. Sunday night I got really worried because she was throwing up blood. Monday morning Paul took her to the Doctor. They ran a few blood tests and following the results we found ourselves in the children's wing at Utah Valley Regional Medical. It was a super stressful time. What a helpless feeling it is to watch your child be so ill and have absolutely no control to help her. She was such a trooper in the hospital. Nurses poking and prodding and taking blood at all hours of the night. At the worst point her vein collapsed and the nurses really struggled to get the IV in. She was fighting so hard not to cry, but they finally did and I couldn't hold her hand and have her look into my eyes with such pain. I broke down and cried right along with her and Paul took over being the strong one. It was a long 48 hours!

They never did figure out what was wrong with her. Doctors kept calling it a "virus" and quarantined us to the room. I am so grateful for all our friends who helped with Aubrey (Bills', Zabriske's and Lewis' you are amazing friends). The cousins visited and brought gifts and made Kylee laugh. We are truly blessed with loving family and friends. We appreciate you all!

Kylee came home after 2 days in the hospital and was super weak for the next few days, but fully recovered. We're so happy to have her home and healthy!

She was showered with flowers and animals from Ancestry and Christy and her Aunts and cousins. She felt very loved!!

Here's the collapsed vein that caused us so many years. The picture doesn't even do it justice!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

EISF 2011

The EISF needs to introduction. It came and we went and it was phenominal! We hung with Christy and Mom and went to the Indian relay races for some race horse drama and it was the best fair ever! Plus, as a belated birthday gift Christy gave me entrance tickets, a plate of scone nuggests and a gift certificate for a massage! It literally could not have been a funner time.

I am officially counting down the days until EISF 2012!


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